VAN AMEYDE – international partner for insurance services


VAN AMEYDE represents its clients – including major international insurance companies, captives, brokers and fleet owners – with more than 35 affiliated companies throughout Europe, offering comprehensive solutions for insurance-related services. More than 1.000 VAN AMEYDE employees – competent, multi-lingual claims professionals such as lawyers, medical specialists, claim adjusters and surveyors – provide assistance with claims surveying, handling and adjusting in Germany and other countries. VAN AMEYDE developed the internet-based IT system ECHO to continuously optimise claims processes based on current best practices in the insurance industry, delivering a wide range of benefits to insurers: greater customer satisfaction, cost savings, quality enhancement and process transparency. Along with service excellence, VAN AMEYDE's international presence also ensures compliance with all domestic and European legislation.

In addition to assisting insurers and brokers with the entire claims handling process, VAN AMEYDE also helps corporate risk managers identify, assess and contain risks. VAN AMEYDE produces risk analyses and (technical) surveys that companies use to decide which preventive measures to take and how best to control their loss burden. Rounding out their range of services, VAN AMEYDE offers internal claims process auditing for the insurance industry and provides Interim Professionals for claims handling on a temporary or case-by-case basis.