Our Group has its origins in RWTÜV e.V., an association whose history dates back more than 140 years. Today, RWTÜV e.V. pursues the association's purpose – "to protect people, property and the environment from the detrimental impacts of technology" – via its holding in RWTÜV GmbH.

RWTÜV e.V. has an equity interest in RWTÜV GmbH via Aktaios Verwaltungs-GmbH. Together with the second major shareholder, RWTÜV-Stiftung, the association firmly upholds our Group's core values, namely: neutrality, independence and reliability. At the same time, RWTÜV e.V. and RWTÜV-Stiftung guarantee the sustainable development of the Group, which is free from the influences of the capital market.

Prof. Dr. Karl Friedrich Jakob

Chairman of the Board of RWTÜV e.V.

Dr. Elmar Legge

Vice Chairman of the Board of RWTÜV e.V.