"It's the people who make a company. They do the work. They present it to customers and the public. They shape the corporate culture through their behavior. Without them, nothing works." This is how Managing Director Thomas Biedermann explains RWTÜV's motto "People" for the year 2023. Accompany our campaigns on the topic, find out more - or find your way into the RWTÜV Group here.

Like many of the Group's employees, our Managing Director Thomas Biedermann has now taken delivery of his new JobRad. In future, he wants to make as many journeys as possible in a more climate-friendly way.

To ensure that the family dog benefits or that larger purchases are possible, Biedermann opted for a cargo bike.

"The obligations that arise for the RWTÜV from the ESG are not something we put down after work! Even in my free time, I continue to stick to the goal of achieving climate neutrality as soon as possible and reduce my personal CO2 footprint!" explains Thomas Biedermann. And enjoy even more fresh air and exercise in the future.

On 28 June, we had great fun beautifying the front garden of our head office on Kronprinzenstraße. In future, clematis will grow over the rubbish bin area and with a Japanese ornamental cherry, fern, country jasmine and various flowering ground covers, we are doing something good for biodiversity at one of the busiest intersections in the south of Essen.

Bees, beetles and butterflies - you can come! 🦋🐝☺

Our RWTÜV internal competition "Innovations Inside 2023" starts today!
We are looking for new services based on innovative technologies with high added value for our customers - from our business units Energy & Environment, Insurance Services and Telecommunications - or even beyond.

The winners will receive attractive prize money, and we will also include a suggestion from last year's competition: One tree will be planted for each idea submitted!

Hardly any other topic is currently occupying business, politics and the media as much as the future of our country's energy supply.

Rapid changes, enormous pace of digitalisation with the highest safety requirements, complex demands.

Our RWTÜV subsidiary CONSULECTRA GmbH, with offices in Hamburg and Düsseldorf, is responsible for the planning, project planning and construction supervision of energy networks and plants for utility companies.

Great weather and a cheerful mood at the RWTÜV works outing on Wednesday, 7 June!

The Ruhr region has so many special corners, and today we explored one of them together:

After a hike from the Korte Klippe with a wonderful view over Lake Baldeney to the pier, the "White Fleet" was ready for us here. After the boat trip, we walked back past the ruins of Neu Isenburg Castle to the "Jagdhaus Schellenberg" restaurant.

The delicious dinner came at the right time and we had well deserved it after so much activity. Thanks to the management and the organising team for this varied event with good conversations, delicious food and lasting impressions!

Our Managing Directors Thomas Biedermann and Fabian Fechner have placed the motto "People" at the centre of many activities for the year 2023.
For us at the RWTÜV Group, that means people in all their diversity.

"Living diversity is actually part of everyday life for all of us. But we want and need to reflect this diversity even more consistently in our working lives. We benefit from this, diversity is a basic prerequisite for success today!"

The statement comes from the heart. See for yourself! 

The Executive Leadership Training for the international management of the RWTÜV Group at ESMT Berlin covered topics such as leadership, employee motivation, strategic planning and flat hierarchies. The special charm of the former GDR Council of State building, where the workshops and lectures took place during the day, left none of the participants from Germany and abroad cold.

But #teambuilding also played a big role! Our RWTÜV Managing Directors Thomas Biedermann and Fabian Fechner were impressed by the skills of the other CEOs at the joint cooking and barbecue event on Wednesday evening.

Those who peacefully wield such large knives next to each other subsequently benefit from deep mutual trust, which also led to intense discussions at the joint dinner about who had created which dish and what tricks the chef had revealed. 😊

"Leading" and "guiding" are competencies that we at RWTÜV take particularly seriously, and not just in the People theme year: After a first virtual meeting last Tuesday on the topics of metaverse and AI, the managing directors of our group met for a further training in an international round (after all, we at RWTÜV generate 65% of our sales abroad) now "in real life" from May 3 to 5 in Berlin.

After a long Corona break, finally a personal exchange in this large group again, a lot of communication in lively alternation between German and English - what a positive and pleasant experience!

The event was led by Dr. Bianca Schmitz, faculty member and Director Knowledge Management at ESMT European School of Management and Technology.

Of course, it was and still is very much about leadership, strategy and corporate values. But the combined program of team-building event, classroom lectures, town hall meetings and webinars also included sales topics and structures.

Despite the diversity of the Group, the RWTÜV Managing Board and the top management of our subsidiaries worked together to develop many common goals and strategies, especially on the cross-cutting issues of HR, IT and finance.

So that we in the RWTÜV Group can shape the future in a value-based and collaborative way.

In this RWTÜV Networking section, we celebrate the orange “King’s Day” in The Netherlands by presenting a person with special connecting skills from our Dutch subsidiary, Van Ameyde Group.

The Van Ameyde Group consists of over 46 diverse companies which are active around the world and are driven to create peace of mind for people and companies if – or when - the unplanned happens. They are active in a variety of sectors, and they serve, amongst others, the insurance industry.
When presenting people, we have all directions and dimensions in mind: interpersonal, inter-departmental, across teams, and connecting subsidiaries. This quickly brings us to Laurie Jane Greene (or LJ, as she is known) - our colleague who is the Associate Director of Marketing at Van Ameyde Group.
LJ is a bridge builder who thrives on connecting development teams with market needs. At Van Ameyde Group, LJ is focused on how tech can serve to make humans more #human when connecting with each other.

She avoids marketing buzzwords and, instead, relies on common sense, entrepreneurial spirit and, in keeping with our "networkers section”, direct and immediate communication - preferably in combination with a good pinch of humour (which is easy to find as a US native trying to tackle the Dutch Language, especially on King’s Day)! 🧡 👑

On the B2B platform of RWTÜV holding ensun, companies find fast and competent help in finding the right technology provider for their very individual requirements.

The search results in the database are filtered for a precise fit - by excellently programmed algorithms.

Fynn Hass, SEO and Content Marketing Manager at ensun, has written an exciting assessment of the future of Generative AI, the application of AI with machine learning algorithms:

Generative AI: The Future of Machine Learning

AI will define our future - the better informed we are, the more we can use it to our advantage.

In line with rotation, a number of TÜV NORD GROUP Supervisory Board members who are now retiring were bid farewell this week in a ceremony. As a result, our Managing Directors Thomas Biedermann will take over the position of Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Fabian Fechner will become Chairman of the Finance Committee.

We have been able to recruit Dr. Bianca Schmitz, Director of the Leadership Development Program and Director of Knowledge Management at ESMT, Berlin, and Jeannine Pilloud, CEO & Board Member of Zollikon, Zurich, for the two other positions that have become vacant. With this new appointment, the RWTÜV body of the TÜV Nord Supervisory Board now has a female quota of 50 percent!

We look forward to new impetus and good cooperation!🤝💙

In our Networker category, we would like to introduce you today to Sebastian Trost, Innovation Manager at our subsidiary ENOPLAN GmbH in Bruchsal.

His job there is to ensure systematic planning, management and control in the development of new ideas. He oversees transformations, i.e. change processes that produce new products and services, but also establish new ways of thinking and working within the company.

To do this, he must know "WHO needs WHAT?"

Of course, this also predestines him for the task as networker of the RWTÜV Group, which we are successively establishing. Above all, we want to actively drive forward clever synergies between our subsidiaries from the Energy & Environment, Telecommunications and Insurance Services business units in 2023.

To do this, we need agile forward thinkers like Sebastian Trost and his innovation management team. 😎

We encourage internal suggestion schemes and co-design, for example with our "Innovation inside" ideas competition on our RWTÜV Campus exchange platform. 

In keeping with our motto for the year, People, we would like to introduce a new section today. From now on, from time to time, we will introduce you here to key people in the RWTÜV Group, our networkers. They are the first point of contact when it comes to cross-company cooperation or internal processes of Group-wide collaboration. They know competent contacts, suitable experts in the team, and prepare the ground for a fruitful exchange. Their function can therefore not be overestimated: They are the cement between the joints of we are RWTÜV.

Natascha Winter makes the start. As HR Business Partner of RWTÜV, she takes care of all HR management issues. To this end, she has established contacts with our HR managers, had them introduce her to processes, combined them with her own know-how, and used them to develop concepts that can be implemented throughout the Group.

As a result, the RWTÜV Group can jointly present itself even more confidently on the market as an employer, and our employees benefit from attractive working conditions, interesting training opportunities, Group-wide promotion prospects and corporate benefits. Thank you, Natascha!


Yesterday, the IHK Trainee Speed Dating took place at the Philharmonie in Essen. Several hundred interested parties, including vocational school classes, had the opportunity to talk directly to the companies on site. We were also among the 100 companies present. ..😊
Our employees Natascha Winter and Kim Tran were thrilled by the large number of event visitors and the overall motivated atmosphere.
"Some applicants already had resumes explicitly tailored to RWTÜV with cover letters addressed to me in their luggage, which shows really good preparation. One interested party showed particular commitment by providing us with his documents via QR code," says Natascha Winter. 
The applications received as a result will now be reviewed and suitable candidates will be contacted. We hope to welcome a trainee (m/f/d) to our team soon. Thumbs up for the IHK event, we will certainly participate here again in the future!👍☺

NewWork not only means designing hybrid work models, but also developing a new #mindset in the world of work. We are shaping our working world, trying out new things and learning from them.

Leadership also needs to be rethought. A perfect example of this is our subsidiary ENOPLAN 🙂 .

The managers of ENOPLAN GmbH jointly prepared a concept on the topic of leadership guidelines, these were presented to their employees in the come together meeting. In a joint exchange, the employees were able to give their feedback on the concept.

You get satisfied employees if you design change processes transparently and together with them. ☝

True to the motto "Teamwork makes the dream work", the Come Together Meeting currently takes place every 6-8 weeks at ENOPLAN on various New Work topics.


This Valentine's Day, we want to hand out compliments: To all our colleagues and employees! Because you are great! Without you, our daily work would only be half as varied, interesting, successful, exciting and informative.

RWTÜV thanks you for the cooperation so far and looks forward to many more joint projects, workshops, company events - in short, joint years of cooperation.

You are very special to us! 💙😊

In the internal innovation competition "Innovation inside", more than 80 exciting ideas were submitted by the creative employees of the RWTÜV Group. The best have already been awarded prizes, and what happens to the "rest"?

It will all be followed up, of course!

None of the great suggestions will simply disappear into the "circular file", all of them will be checked for feasibility by a specially established project team, the kick-off meeting was a few days ago...



RWTÜV is committed to the path to climate neutrality. After the EU decided last year that the reporting obligation on sustainability management activities will also apply to small and medium-sized companies from fiscal 2025, we are actively preparing ourselves.

Optimization of quality, processes, costs and prices, digitalization of developments and processes, and all under the premise of customer focus. These are the goals of the RWTÜV Group for the coming and subsequent years. In the anniversary year 2022, we have created points of contact with many connecting activities to turn the vision of the Managing Board into a shared vision. Now we are ready for the joint efforts that lie ahead to achieve these goals.
We'll let you share in our activities and successes here. First example if you like: The merger of CETECOM and CTC advanced to cetecom advanced! 


We are proud of Ralf Weiermann! 🤩 Our colleague passed his written examination for sustainability manager before TÜV NORD Akademie GmbH & Co. KG passed his written exam to become a sustainability manager. It covered trends and drivers for sustainability management, an overview of reference standards, the establishment of sustainability management in the company and the corresponding project planning. Ralf Weiermann is using his now officially certified knowledge, for example, in planning data collection for the upcoming ESG reporting requirement for the entire RWTÜV Group.
Congratulations! 👏


After it was almost impossible to visit the subsidiaries of cetecom advanced in South Korea and Japan in the last two years, we have now taken the first opportunity.