Creating value into the future

At the end of the 1990s, after only five years together, RWTÜV’s liaison with DMT ended with a share swap deal. Finally, in 2004, following a merger between TÜV Hannover/Sachsen Anhalt e.V. and TÜV Nord e.V., Hamburg, RWTÜV’s “classic” activities (plant engineering, vehicles, academy and international) were transferred to the new TÜV NORD group, in which today’s RWTÜV Group holds a 36.1% stake. At the end of 2019, the last remaining technical experts at RWTÜV e.V. moved to TÜV NORD; this ended the operating business activities of RWTÜV e.V. The RWTÜV e.V. association is now tasked with maintaining a sustainable corporate culture based on integrity and values, as well as asset management.

The RWTÜV Group, on the other hand, presents itself on the market as agile and future-oriented, with a focus on its business units Insurance Services, Energy & Environment, Telecommunication and, most recently, IT tech scouting. Besides the association and the Group, the RWTÜV trio also includes a specially established foundation. Its remit is to promote the company’s values and support forward-looking projects by junior employees in the three business units. One of the highlights of the anniversary year is a clear expression of this purpose: the Startup Prize, under the patronage of Professor Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The prize is awarded for forward-looking business ideas in the fields of engineering, environment (construction, air, water), digitalisation, energy, automotive, instrumentation and control technology, insurance services, telecommunication, or sustainability, from companies founded in NRW from 2020 onwards. The winners received due public recognition as well as financial support totalling 150,000 euros.

Overall, RWTÜV’s strategic orientation of “creating value”, with a focus on research and safety, aims to achieve profitable growth over and above preserving the existing portfolio. To this end, processes within the Group are continuously optimised and digitalisation is not only offered to customers but also implemented internally. With the strong RWTÜV umbrella brand, the Group promotes the activities of its subsidiaries’ own brands. At the same time, synergies are harnessed at Group level and the investment culture is strengthened. The Group’s tradition of openness to mergers and acquisitions remains in place; and the development of new business areas, not least by actively seeking partnerships resulting from succession planning, is part of RWTÜV’s DNA and history.

With “sparks” of inspiration, information and communication being sent from Essen to employees throughout the Group, the RWTÜV network is set to be further enlarged and strengthened in the anniversary year. This will enable the RWTÜV Group to successfully continue along the path taken 150 years ago, and keep creating value (globally) into the future. Through a variety of activities, these sparks will ignite a fire for an innovative and successful future.