CTC advanced – the specialist for standards and safety in new technologies

With its own accredited laboratories, CTC advanced enables testing regimes and international approval handling in a wide range of fields. The results provide customers in 195 target countries with data for quality improvements, or create the basis for market approvals by demonstrating compliance with the respective regulatory requirements. As a member of various international bodies, CTC advanced is always up to date with the latest developments, and even designs new private or regulatory certification programmes itself.

A recognised area of specialisation for CTC advanced is supporting battery and automotive manufacturers in the safety qualification of high-performance Li-ion battery systems. To ensure safe applications in electric vehicles and in energy storage systems with extremely high energy densities, test procedures such as environmental simulation tests and electrical safety tests in accordance with ISO 17025 are offered. These include destructive testing to investigate mechanical, electrical and environmental stresses, performance testing during artificial ageing, and electromagnetic compatibility verification on battery management systems (BMS) and high-voltage components.

The “Payment & Identification” department serves manufacturers of payment devices, ATMs and (contactless) card readers as well as issuers of credit and bank cards. It maintains numerous partnerships with leading card organisations such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex etc. in the international banking industry.

CTC advanced is also an accredited advisor to the German Federal Office for Information Security, and contributes expertise in the area of electronic travel documents and associated readers. Other focuses include biometric testing procedures relating to terminal devices for fingerprint sensors, and the growing field of automatic facial recognition.