apro.gmbh, which has been part of the RWTÜV Group since 2022, is an IT consulting company specializing in the sectors of IT security, emergency management, information security, confidentiality and data protection. The company supports both private-sector companies and public administrations in the consideration and implementation of IT security-related laws such as the BSIG or the BDSG and standards such as the BSI Standard 200-x or ISO27001.

apro.gmbh consults in the area of technical security, especially in the planning, construction, configuration and establishment of operational business processes for IT security components based on years of experience in the construction of high availability and high security network infrastructures. With vulnerability scans and customized penetration tests from inside and outside, apro.gmbh identifies the threat potential of critical systems, networks or applications. With special source code vulnerability analyses apro.gmbh helps companies with own software development to establish and operate specific quality gates to check security aspects.

The range of services provided covers organizational information security. This includes information security management, a security concept including creation and maintenance as well as the systematic identification, assessment, evaluation and treatment of information security risks. apro.gmbh sets up "Security Operation Centers" (SOC) for this purpose. They perform as a central control center that monitors systems, identifies, qualifies and defends against threats. Analysts, IT security experts as well as IT forensic experts create procedural workflows with specific applications to ensure the security of an organization. Here, apro.gmbh advises on planning, set-up and commissioning or takes over the operation itself.

Tobias Apel

Managing Direcor APRO Computer & Dienstleistung GmbH


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