The RWTÜV Group is a unique group holding company with the values of a medium-sized company. In our strategic investments, we combine sustainable commitment with the greatest possible entrepreneurship in our subsidiaries.

With a broad portfolio and no direct competitors for the Group as a whole, we are broadly positioned in crises while also offering a genuine unique selling proposition in the market. We finance our acquisitions of shareholdings from our own resources. Through our active portfolio management, we are a synergy and innovation driver for our subsidiaries and a top partner for long-term equity investments and corporate succession.

With over 150 years of company tradition, we embody solid and proven values. We are committed to integrity, entrepreneurial action, diversity and sustainability – all of which form part of our longstanding corporate culture.

This is guaranteed by the threefold structure of the Group:

  • RWTÜV e.V. (association) is the largest shareholder and has preserved our values since its foundation in 1872.
  • RWTÜV-Stiftung (foundation), also a shareholder alongside RWTÜV e.V., promotes values through the foundation’s purpose: research for safety and environment.
  • And the RWTÜV Group creates value through its operating investments.

Shareholder structure

Our shareholders embody the core values of our group:
neutrality, independence and solidity.