New logo and enhanced website for RWTÜV

Essen, 6 January 2021    With a new logo and an enhanced website, RWTÜV is now making ongoing developments in the Group visible to the outside world. “We want to show what has been achieved over the past few months,” says Thomas Biedermann, who became Chairman of the Board of RWTÜV e.V. in the middle of the year. “We are a clearly structured, successful group with strong companies. RWTÜV is competent, solid and independent. With our portfolio and the work we do together with our companies, we create value particularly for medium-sized enterprises. These are our core messages. Building on our 150-year history, but above all because of the breadth of our offering to customers, RWTÜV is excellently positioned to meet the challenges of the markets.”

“We also want to show current and future employees that at RWTÜV, we work together as equals – openly and constructively, just as we do with our customers,” says Fabian Fechner, who is Managing Director of RWTÜV GmbH alongside Thomas Biedermann. The new logo, with its round, flowing forms and touching letters, symbolises closeness between the associated companies. It also stands for flexibility and agility, as well as constant dialogue both internally and externally – representing communication with customers as well as with the Group’s companies and employees.

In the Energy & Environment, Telecommunication, and Insurance Services business units, Biedermann sees the future role of RWTÜV as being a driver of synergies and innovation. RWTÜV is also a top partner for long-term equity investments, strategic investments and especially for corporate successions. “We want to highlight this sharper focus via our website and not least with our new, animated company presentation.”