In 150 years, RWTÜV has grown into a group of companies with global operations. Get to know us: 

The milestones of our changeable development since the start as a steam boiler monitoring association in 1872, the companies that today stand for safety and research with their engineers and experts in the fields of "Telecommunications", "Energy & Environment" and "Insurance", and the people who fill our motto "Creating value also in the future" with life every day.

The RWTÜV building on Kronprinzenstraße in Essen now generates its own #electricity! ????On an area of about 300 square meters, 156 #photovoltaic modules generate electricity from #solar energy. More than 50,000 kilowatt hours are to be generated per year to supply the owners and tenants of the RWTÜV Group headquarters.

#shapingthefuture #energiewende #sustainability #creatingvalue

.. our RWTÜV house is prepared for the 150th anniversary.

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In April 1872, the Dampfkesselüberwachungsverein in den Industriebezirken Lenne, Sieg und Dill e.V., renamed DÜV zu Siegen e.V. in 1899, began its work. The foundation stone for 150 years in the service of safety, value awareness and research was laid!

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The inspectors of the DÜV and later TÜV have never seen themselves as mere observers. It was and still is a matter of course for them to conduct their own research in order to improve testing processes and to provide impulses - i.e. their own sparks! - to be able to contribute impulses.

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Best practice example 5G - from development support to certification regime.


RWTÜV awards EUR 150,000 in prizes for innovative business ideas to mark its 150th anniversary.


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