In 150 years, RWTÜV has grown into a group of companies with global operations. Get to know us: 

The milestones of our changeable development since the start as a steam boiler monitoring association in 1872, the companies that today stand for safety and research with their engineers and experts in the fields of "Telecommunications", "Energy & Environment" and "Insurance", and the people who fill our motto "Creating value also in the future" with life every day.

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Van Ameyde, the RWTÜV Group’s provider of complete solutions for claims management, was founded in 1945 by Henry van Ameyde. Initially, influenced by the events of the Second World War, its focus was on handling military and maritime claims.

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The history of the German TÜV associations has always been closely linked to the automotive and transport industries and all related services. In the 1970s, with growing competition in the increasingly liberalised vehicle inspection market in the nascent EU, TÜV’s successor RWTÜV sought a way to strengthen and expand its own position. Van Ameyde – the cross-border claims adjuster well known in Europe for the “green card” insurance certificate – was a brilliant fit in the portfolio.

RWTÜV has had a new working student for about 7 weeks now - time to introduce her! 
23-year-old Olivia Grytzek is studying International Management at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Bocholt. The university cultivates a pronounced closeness to practice - this fell on fertile ground with Olivia. "The different business units of the RWTÜV Group and the international orientation of the group immediately aroused my curiosity. I want to get to know all the divisions, I see the perfect combination for me here of exciting and varied activities that I can grow with." We at RWTÜV are very pleased with Olivia's open manner, her commitment and the great support she has provided from day one. Here's to good cooperation for a long time!

On 10 June, our new innovation and networking platform RWTÜV Campus was launched. Since then, it has taken off in a big way! Creative ideas from our employees on the topic of sustainability are right at the forefront, but the need for internal exchange and the active search for synergy potential is also enormous!

Thank you already for your interest and intensive participation - that's what we had hoped for. The Campus is THE platform for our employees, here you can help shape the Group and your companies with your creativity and actively manage innovation. For example, to be able to see the opportunities in the current crises and to go into the future together strengthened.

RWTÜV - Creating value in the future too!

New audio test stations for eCall and ERA-GLONASS measurements, a 5m semi-anechoic test chamber for radio and EMC measurements, capacities for large and heavy test items weighing up to 4 tonnes - RWTÜV subsidiary CETECOM has been offering all this and much more in a new test hall in Essen for a week now.

The Düsseldorf and Essen locations were merged, and at the same time the testing capacities in Essen were increased in order to expand the entire service portfolio.

And also this week we start with varied impressions of the next summer party. Last Friday, Thomas Biedermann and Fabian Fechner went to Everswinkel in the Münsterland for the summer party of Ingenieurbüro Nordhorn GmbH & Co. KG .

The TGA engineers welcomed in rustic surroundings with a sporty programme. Skilfully aiming at targets (made of wood, of course!) and then landing perfect hits ....

If that wasn't an inspiring exercise!

On August 19, RWTÜV subsidiary CETECOM celebrated its summer party. Thomas Biedermann and Fabian Fechner mingled with the people, presented developments and future plans of the group and were available for questions. A few impressions of the varied celebration for employees and families can be found again in a small picture gallery.

Machine and product safety in plant engineering not only includes (minimum) safety standards for technical products on the European domestic market, but also conformity assessment procedures, risk analyses, verification, validation and verification documentation. It is good to be advised by experienced experts in this complex field! Optimal support is provided by one of our newest members of the RWTÜV Group: The Gelsenkirchen-based company cesitec GmbH advises and supports you with qualified engineering services for your CE marking and optimization and ensures machine safety and occupational safety in your company.

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G + N Consult is a construction management company established in Düsseldorf and Offenbach. It entered the market in 1993 with a new concept for the construction and real estate sector: rather than relying on fixed ideas – and in keeping with the TÜV approach – the company specialised from the outset in analysis, project control and project management for forward-looking new buildings or sustainable revitalisations.

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G + N Consult specialises in construction projects that cut through time-honoured ways of thinking and planning to create new perspectives. With its approach of seeking new ways to achieve better results, the construction management company stands in the 150-year tradition of RWTÜV almost as if it had always been part of the Group – and not just since 2019. Over 100 years ago, the constant search for a better solution likewise started with a careful analysis of the status quo – not only for the design of steam boilers but also for the structures surrounding them.

In our anniversary year, we regularly take you along to our subsidiaries. Today, we would like to focus on a company in which we have been involved since the merger in 2004:

TÜV NORD GROUP offers testing, inspection, certification, consulting, engineering, and training services with over 14,000 employees. It is active in 100 countries worldwide.

Thanks to the German national team for the great tournament, super fought and congratulations to the English national team.

As a group of renowned technology service providers with the business units Insurance Services, Telecommunications and Energy & Environment, we employ 2,000 people in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. We offer countless exciting, challenging and varied jobs.
If you want to find out whether there's something for you, too, we've compiled an overview of job opportunities throughout the Group at https://lnkd.in/eJBNvnAn
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Ingenieurbüro Nordhorn – an engineering firm for technical building equipment that is part of the “Energy & Environment” business unit in the RWTÜV Group – does much more than implement finished designs. As part of the RWTÜV Group since 2014, the IB N architects assist project developers along the journey from the initial drawing to an optimal digitally and technically equipped smart home or smart office.

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From the first idea for a product or service, the companies of the RWTÜV Group have a special eye and passion for its quality, safety and performance. While not actively involved in production, a special aptitude as a partner providing valuable input in the development or design phase has been in RWTÜV’s genes for 150 years. Today, this applies just as much to electronic communication or entertainment devices as to smart meter units or (digital) insurance offerings.

Bluetooth®, satellite radio, directional radio, LPWAN, SIGFOX, LoRa, microwave radio, SRD, Wi-Fi®, ZigBee ... These terms are also music to your ears? Then you are literally on the same wavelength with CTC advanced GmbH.

The company MN Mörbitz Nordhorn Ingenieure GmbH in Leipzig plans innovative and comprehensive building technology (heating - air conditioning - ventilation - sanitary - electrical) with clients, architects, project managers and construction companies and also implements these plans. Since 29.06.2022, this has been happening under the umbrella of the RWTÜV Group, which took over Mörbitz Nordhorn Ingenieure as part of an early succession arrangement.

In the 150th anniversary year of the RWTÜV, we also like to look at other anniversaries: on 6 July 1908, the US engineer and polar explorer Robert Peary set off on his North Pole expedition.Let's let that be a model for us - let's just dare to do something new every now and then. An expedition into unknown realms. Professionally or privately.

Where do you set off for?

The colleagues of the RWTÜV subsidiary CETECOM in Silicon Valley celebrate as they fall! For the arrival of the RWTÜV anniversary suitcase, they organised a "German Party" and unpacked our presents together. Apart from very nice photos of the event, there were now souvenirs from the USA for our gift table: Among them was a large map of Silicon Valley with the locations of all the famous CETECOM neighbours, a collection of cool caps, a woodcut of Sacramento, the capital of California, and much more. Especially the model of the Golden Gate Bridge looks good in our anniversary corner. Many thanks to Praveena Anandkumar and her team! 💙

And the suitcase is quickly filled again and prepared for its next trip. Destination of the trip? Not yet revealed 😉

On 30 June 1992, the D2 network was launched, followed one day later by D1. With the underlying technology, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), a rapid development of modern mobile cellular began in Germany. The highly regulated market at that time offered opportunities for RWTÜV: carrying out technologically demanding tests to ensure a defined quality of the individual components and thus of the entire system was virtually a projection of pressure testing from the steam boiler era into the IT age! This range of services became the cradle of CETECOM

With an atmospheric celebration, RWTÜV marked the climax of its anniversary festivities spread throughout the year on Thursday, June 9, 2022. Around 60 invited guests, including Essen's Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen as well as the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, other representatives of the Group's bodies and the managing directors of the subsidiaries, were able to follow the varied history of the long-established company, which started out as the "Dampfkesselüberwachungsverein" (Steam Boiler Monitoring Association) in 1872, in film, spoken and visual presentations. They also experienced a highly motivated outlook into the future of RWTÜV. "Today, we are no longer a classic TÜV, but we embody its classic values and technical expertise - and we are expanding on them. With this in mind, you will be hearing a lot more from us!" announced RWTÜV Managing Director Thomas Biedermann confidently. In his congratulatory remarks, Mayor Kufen praised the successful linking of local ties and internationalization as well as the preservation of medium-sized values as a breeding ground for future vision and leadership.

The evening at the Group's headquarters in Essen was followed by a vernissage with live music by young musicians from the Folkwang University of the Arts. The guests present were impressed by the works on display by Mehmet Karacas, Juri Kim and Hang Dong, all three recent graduates of the Essen University of the Arts (HBK).

Photo: Patrick Laut

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The search for an appropriate legal form, for the best possible positioning, and also for a suitable name were the defining questions for RWTÜV at the turn of the millennium. The development of the Group was – and is – far from complete.

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150 years after the foundation of a small self-help project in Siegen called “Dampfkesselüberwachungsverein Lenne, Sieg und Dill e.V.”, the RWTÜV Group is now a globally operating business, represented on almost all continents, with around 2,000 employees. 

Yesterday we celebrated another highlight of the anniversary year with an atmospheric celebration.

The review of 150 years of tradition combined with a highly motivated outlook into the future of RWTÜV merged into an upbeat evening with an art exhibition and live music.

The administrative board, supervisory board and the managing directors of our subsidiaries were impressed by the works of the selected artists Mehmet Karaca, Juri Kim and Hang Dong, all three students of the Essen University of Fine Arts. 

Only three weeks after the first highlight of the anniversary year, the second highlight is already coming up: our official anniversary celebration with the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board, the managing directors of our subsidiaries and our committee members. We are particularly looking forward to our guest of honour Thomas Kufen, Lord Mayor of the City of Essen.

For more than 45 years, CONSULECTRA GmbH has stood for optimised, customised and sustainable solutions and security of action, offering companies in the energy industry as critical infrastructure (KRITIS) services in network planning, IT system and organisational consulting as well as IT security. 

Anyone who works so conscientiously deserves a celebration in the anniversary year of the parent company! 😊

ENOPLAN GmbH, a subsidiary of RWTÜV, offers solutions for industrial and commercial customers: Due to the current political situation, concrete and reliable offers from energy suppliers are currently a rare commodity. Those who want to remain able to act can get help from ENOPLAN and be offered a suitable purchasing model (from 500,000 kWh).

As a member of the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. (Diversity Charter), we would like to congratulate you on this day of action, which for 10 years has been bringing the idea of
the idea of diversity into the world of work!

House of Plasma from Bochum! 🚀

The experts at House of Plasma are the developers of a multipole resonance probe that enables industry-compatible plasma diagnostics and successful use in industrial production processes.

House of Plasma offers top-class #measurement technology that significantly improves the quality of manufacturing processes in plasma surface treatments.

Areas of application are, for example, the surface of solar cells, eyeglass lenses, lenses, PET bottles and electronic devices that are treated with plasma. Being able to measure in the #plasma now is a special challenge that the Bochum researchers have elegantly solved.

With the real-time measurement of process-critical plasma parameters during surface treatment, process fluctuations or poor results are detected at an early stage and avoided.

We find: The solution to this problem and the measurement of the production parameters is true Industry 4.0 from NRW and is worthy of our highest award!

These three convinced us with their outstanding ideas, which we will present to you in detail next week, and won the RWTÜV Anniversary Startup Award!

Our 50 or so invited guests were also impressed by the creativity and know-how of our award winners, who presented their business ideas to us in short videos and talks.

After the award ceremony and greetings from our guests from politics and business, there was lively networking in the inspiring surroundings of the Buschhütten campus.

Who knows what exciting new projects might emerge?

Enjoy our small picture gallery! 🚀

Around 150 years ago, the self-help associations for steam boiler monitoring came into being, not only the predecessor of the RWTÜV for the industrial district of Lenne, Sieg and Dill e.V., but also in Great Britain, the whole of Germany, the neighbouring countries.

And what has grown out of that? An internationally active group with subsidiaries and branches on all continents. Over the decades, countless steam boiler explosions, car accidents, burst pipes and other accidents have been prevented, and even more inventions accompanied and exciting innovations made possible.

Therefore, today on Friday 13 May, we think: Do something good, found an association! We wish you every success!

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With their expertise and history of successful research activities, the development and testing laboratories of the subsidiaries of today’s RWTÜV Group are in demand worldwide. In parallel, the Group’s own foundation supports research projects and initiatives.

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To this day, it remains the case that inspections alone cannot sufficiently minimise possible risks. As early as 1921, when a predecessor of RWTÜV still operated under the name of the Mines Association (Zechen-Verein) in Essen, a department for laboratory work was established in addition to the steam boiler department, electrical engineering department, and department for heat and power management.

Travel stories

We have packed the anniversary suitcase again and sent it on its next journey!

This time it's "across the pond" to the offices of RWTÜV subsidiary CETECOM in the USA. On an area of approx. 45,000 sqm, the colleagues sit here in the best neighbourhood to the companies in SiliconValley.

CETECOM USA mainly offers OTA, Wi-Fi and audio tests to suppliers of IT and telecommunications equipment in order to ideally prepare manufacturers for market approval.


At the Campus Buschhütten in Kreuztal, we will award prizes to the innovative business ideas of three start-up companies from NRW on 19 May 2022.

On the occasion of our 150th company anniversary, in cooperation with Startup Campus Siegen, we had announced a prize of 150,000 euros for young entrepreneurs under the patronage of the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, and received applications from over 60 young companies from North Rhine-Westphalia.

The winning start-up will receive 70,000 euros from RWTÜV GmbH; second place will receive 50,000 euros and third place 30,000 euros.

Better Bau GmbH from Essen, House of Plasma GmbH from Bochum and Terranigma Solutions GmbH based in Aachen made it onto the shortlist in alphabetical order. 

But which company will end up in which position?

As part of the eurobits security summit 2022, the eurobits women academy (ewa) workshop will take place this Friday at the GDATA Campus in Bochum.

RWTÜV is a supporter of the ewa and its declared goal of getting more women interested in IT security. That's why our Managing Director Thomas Biedermann is today's panel guest at the summit and will describe the company's activities in terms of diversity, perspectives and offers for female employees.

All information is available here: eurobits women academy | ewa

Last Thursday, our managing director Thomas Biedermann visited the apro.gmbh | Computer & Dienstleistung team in Erfurt, which has been part of the group since the beginning of April. In addition to managing director and shareholder Tobias Apel, office dog Bobby was also present at the get-to-know-you appointment! The kick-off meeting took place in the newly occupied office, which is clearly designed for growth. APRO GmbH, experts in IT security, information security, confidentiality and data protection projects who are recognised throughout Germany and Europe, is to strengthen RWTÜV's services in the field of digitalisation and data security. Together with the Siegen-based company ensun, a technology scouting and solution provider for digitalisation issues in which RWTÜV holds a stake, and Consulectra GmbH, APRO GmbH helps the customers of the RWTÜV Group with the currently relevant IT security topics. How secure is your IT set-up?

ALD Automotive is one of the leading providers of cross-manufacturer vehicle leasing and fleet management, with over 5,000 customers and over 1.62M vehicles at 43 locations around the world. The Paris-based company, has selected RWTÜV subsidiary Van Ameyde Group in the Netherlands to manage its self-insured property damage and personal injury risks under Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) as well as recoveries arising from damage inflicted to its fleet.

ENOPLAN GmbH in Bruchsal has been busy building since last year. The new building is not only intended to bring about a spatial change.

It also represents a step into a new, modern working world and the start of the upcoming process changes at ENOPLAN in the context of the energy transition.

Accompanied by experts for innovative work concepts, the employees have created a space plan for a team- and function-specific working environment that enables modern processes and promotes inspired work.

In addition, it should inspire employees for the company and offer flexibility. The basis was the results of a previous analysis that included all organisational, spatial, cultural and technological requirements.