Integrity Officer

The Integrity Officer is a trusted external person who is appointed by the Managing Board of RWTÜV GmbH. Internal and external whistleblowers can approach the Integrity Officer – confidentially if desired – if they suspect that integrity incidents have occurred (e.g. corruption, bribery, fraud, other types of white-collar crime, also environmental hazards or misconduct such as abuse of company property, racist behaviour or sexual harassment).

The Integrity Officer acts as a neutral link between the whistleblower and the responsible entity within the RWTÜV Group of companies. He will promptly inform the Managing Board of RWTÜV GmbH about suspected integrity incidents which are brought to his attention. The Managing Board will then decide on next steps.


Peter Kattner
Tel.: +49 (0)201/89 99-643

If you have questions or information relating to integrity incidents or issues, you can contact the Integrity Officer, Peter Kattner directly and anonymously at any time.

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