CETECOM expands location in Essen

With the expansion of the location in Essen (Germany) and a simultaneous transfer of the test capacities from Dusseldorf (Germany), CETECOM is preparing for the future. Our headquarters in Essen will be upgraded by an additional new building and an expansion of our space, creating additional testing possibilities.

“The consolidation of our locations and the associated expansion of the Essen site will increase our laboratory capacities and enable us to expand our service portfolio in Essen,” explains Jens Passe, Managing Director of CETECOM GmbH.

“In addition, this development creates invaluable advantages for our customers, resulting in faster and more efficient project implementation through simplified communication, eliminated transport routes and simpler logistics,” adds Markus Ridder,  Technical Managing Director of CETECOM.

As part of the expansion, new testing capacities will be created in Essen, such as new audio measurement stations for eCall and ERA-GLONASS or a 5 m semi-absorber chamber for radio and EMC measurements in which large and heavy DUTs can also be tested.

The new construction work at the Essen site have already begun and are scheduled for completion in mid-2022 We will of course keep you informed about the progress.