The CETECOM Knowledge Center as a central platform for know-how on all aspects of testing and certifying products with radio technologies

A little more than two years ago, the RWTÜV subsidiary CETECOM created the Knowledge Centre on its website. The idea behind this platform was to collect and provide information and know-how on the subject of testing and approval of products with radio technologies.

What was just an idea at the beginning, where it did not seem clear to what extent this topic would be accepted, now contains a multitude of materials and more than 10,000 visits, downloads and registrations of the provided content.

"With a total of 23 webinar recordings, seven white papers and more than 120 news articles on all aspects of testing and certifying products with wireless technologies, our subsidiary CETECOM has succeeded in creating a central point of contact for the transfer of knowledge," says Thomas Biedermann, Chairman of the Board of Management of the group holding company RWTÜV GmbH.

CETECOM says thank you for the interest, the participations, the questions and the downloads from customers and business partners.

CETECOM sees this response as an incentive and intends to continue publishing new topics on a weekly basis.

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