Congratulations, Van Ameyde!

The Greek company Kalimbassieris Maritime (KM) is now part of our subsidiary VAI. The partnership strengthens VAI's position as a market leader in the sector and expands VAI's presence in the Suez Canal region, which is hugely important for global transport.

Kalimbassieris Maritime is an international consulting and insurance services provider offering claims management, surveying, and IT services for maritime transport and marine insurance in Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Egypt. The most prominent clients are international providers of goods transport insurance and insurance for ships in the event of an accident. In addition, Kalimbassieris handles insurance claims on yachts and provides local transport insurance (cargo).

Our colleague Piet Middelkoop, CEO of Van Ameyde, sums it up like this: "Both companies expect more than 'business as usual' through this cooperation. With this commitment, we can take the portfolio of offerings, the reach and the quality of service to a new level for our customers, as well as those of Kalimbassieris." The involvement opens up a strong presence in the Eastern Central and Black Sea, and Kalimbassieris gains access to VAI's service platforms with their innovative technologies and can promote the digital transformation of their own product portfolio."

That's what we call a classic win-win situation! Congratulations, VAI and KM!