Intro-Kachel Menschen (eng)

"It's the people who make a company. They do the work. They present it to customers and the public. They shape the corporate culture through their behavior. Without them, nothing works." This is how Managing Director Thomas Biedermann explains RWTÜV's motto "People" for the year 2023. Accompany our campaigns on the topic, find out more - or find your way into the RWTÜV Group here.

Introduction text 150 years

In 150 years, RWTÜV has grown into a group of companies with global operations. Get to know us: 

The milestones of our changeable development since the start as a steam boiler monitoring association in 1872, the companies that today stand for safety and research with their engineers and experts in the fields of "Telecommunications", "Energy & Environment" and "Insurance", and the people who fill our motto "Creating value also in the future" with life every day.

"A day at cetecom advanced" - what does an account manager actually do?

🌐📱Today we're taking a look behind the scenes at RWTÜV subsidiary cetecom advanced. What does an account manager really do at a "globally active, independent testing and certification service provider that is a leader in the field of market approvals in the telecommunications and information technology sector"?

💼 Take a look! Patrick Siebert takes you on a "day at cetecom advanced"!

And then we look forward to your creative input: How could Patrick make his office more inviting? Let your imagination run wild in the comments!

RWTÜV management training with sporting spirit in Cologne

🎓🏋️‍♀️Bei the second round of our management training for second-level colleagues was really sporty! 
At the German Sport & Olympic Museum, the focus was on content and expertise for effective HR.

➡ How do I conduct employee appraisals? 
➡ How do I motivate? 
➡ How do I recognise which talent needs which support, who fits into which team, how a team grows into a high-performance team or who has special potential?

Girls' Day at cetecom advanced

Girls' Day also took place at our company last Thursday. A total of 12 girls visited us and were given an insight into the world of testing and certification. While our visitors carried out EMC tests on specially assembled electronic kits in our laboratory in Essen, the participants in Saarbrücken were introduced to the topic of biometrics with fingerprint and face recognition. 
We were delighted with the visit and were impressed by the girls' curiosity and commitment. We are already looking forward to our participation in the next Girls' Day.